Why You Need Resistance Bands in Your Workout

March 2, 2021Serenity Element




by Trevitt Hendricks

resistance bands
7 Reasons to Use Resistance Bands

Want to learn more about the bonuses of resistance bands and why this tool helps you to stay fit and strong?

If you travel a lot and can't always find the chance to workout and are tired of exercising in the freezing cold, then resistance bands might be the perfect answer for you! Resistance bands, which in this blog post refer to flat and looped elastic bands without handles, may be one of the greatest options for a comprehensive workout if you are trying to improve your fitness and get stronger. How So? Let's check out some main points to the benefits of resistance bands:

1. Exercise Anyplace
Extremely portable, you can take them anywhere. Resistance bands are easily folded up or rolled up and are very light weight. Store them in your purse, yoga bag, or backpack. Take your resistance band training on holidays, business trips or even to work. You will have a portable gym in your pocket no matter where you are! 

2. Workout Anytime
Resistance band workouts are very complete, which means you can exercise at any time. Just rolled out of bed and need some limberness to start the day? Want to counter your big lunch during your work day? Or do you just need to expend the last of your energy in the evening? You Can Do It! You can perform a variety of resistance band workouts at any time of the day based on your specific requirements.

3. Versatile Strength Training
You can perform 50+ strength training exercises using resistance bands to train just about any muscle in your body. By focusing your grip, the resistance of the elastic band is rising, allowing you to control the intensity of the exercise. This creates countless possibilities to train your body and adapt the level of your workout according to the progress of your training – it is like having several dumbbells in just one elastic band.

4. Dynamic Stretching Using Resistance Bands
New studies are showing that the fitness niche is re-creating itself, and stretching is becoming the new add-on to workouts. With resistance bands, you can amp up your current stretching program after your workout by performing static and especially dynamic stretching. Remember that you should always stretch after working out to increase your flexibility, range of motion and improve your posture.

5. Easier on Your Joints
Unlike dumbbells, resistance bands are not dependent on gravity and therefore reduce the joint compression, which helps to lessen injuries on your joints in the long-term. Also, due to how flexible and varied the execution of movements are during your exercise, the workouts don't end up repetitive and therefore working different angles and stress levels on your joints.

6. Customize Your Resistance Band Workout To Your Needs
No matter if you are playing soccer, volleyball, badminton, or football you can tailor your resistance band exercises to your needs within these specific areas. Due to the described versatility of the workouts, you can train all fitness aspects including speed, endurance, strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and much more, targeting different areas of your body.

7. Grow and tone your muscles
Studies have shown that resistance band workouts not only grows your muscles but tones and shapes them at the same time. Toning your muscles is simply the process of losing body fat so that muscles appear on the surface of your skin. There are no specific exercises to tone you muscles. Free weight training and machine weight training have some advantages in muscle hypertrophy (growth of muscle volume) and muscle activation, but resistance bands are not far from it!

Give it a shot and you will be amazed!

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